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My husband likes to insult me….he thinks that he is making a “joke” when he says such things and I am suppose to find them funny. An example happened recently of what I mean….we were out having lunch in a restaurant talking about my oldest daughter (his step daughter.) I was saying that she had opened her heart up to him within the first few months of us dating b/c within weeks she was calling him to say goodnight to him where ever he was (her own father chose never to be around and she obviously needed that fatherly attention that he gave her when he was around.) He went on to add that I opened my legs long before I opened my heart. He insists on saying things like this all the time…”joking” of course.
I can be sleeping in in the morning (cause I don’t get to do that often) and he has no make an excuse to come in and wake me up.3 weekends ago it was to get a pair of jeans (he had clean laundry that wasn’t in the bedroom that he could have gotten). Last weekend we were at his parents home and he just kept barging in just because and this weekend it was to get laundry that could have been gotten after I woke up.
I have tried talking to him many times….now talking has escalated to yelling because I feel disrespected, taken for granted and insulted on a daily basis. I have two girls(aged 11 and 3) that are part of this family as well and I don’t want to be setting a bad example. Advice???