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My dad is the most immature, douchebag ever. He always calls me pathetic for the student things, and says he can’t wait till I move out. He always gangs up on me and when my sister tries to stand up for me he won’t let her, so it’s basically 2 46 year olds vs. a 14 year old. He goes nuts over the stupidest things, and blows it way out of proportion, we can’t do anything. They say we ask for too much and they have no money- buys a brand new motorcycle. Like… I know it’s his money but soorrry I can’t legally work yet! He got mad at me FOR EATING ******* SALSA THE WRONG WAY. He yelled at me for having soccer practice, he yelled at me for GETTING A DRIP OF WATER FROM MY HAIR ON THE TABLE AND NOT CLEANING IT. Saying, whoever did they Better clean it, meanwhile he’s yelling at us for not cleaning the basement which is full of his ******* dishes and garbage, he sits on his *** all day and does nothing. It’s all over the stupidest things! He could of easily asked me to try and eat the salsa a different way, but no, he just goes crazy and shouts! Theyget mad at me for not 100% taking care of our dog, not 100% cleaning the house just so they can come home and mess it up, not doing laundry and just a bunch of ****. They always leave without telling us either so we won’t want to come, I live in a small town and they just decide to get up and leave the ******* province! No note no nothing! Then they get mad at me when I can’t understand them when there’s no reception, it’s insane! Also they joke about our pets dying. Like “oh you won’t be here too much longer jack.” Like WTF. STOP IT. I DON’T WANT TO THINK ABOUT MY DOG AND CAT DYING. First animals I’ve ever had and I’ve had them since I was little, one has a heart murmur and probably will die soon but don’t freaking joke about it! Like.. It’s not funny! There’s a lot more stuff but I can’t think of it now. It’s mainly just my dad, he blames me for anything and won’t apologize, they send my mom in and she apologizes for him, it’s just annoying how he treats me! It’s not right! Any idea what to do? Sorry that its long, I’m just pissed and upset and like.. Sure there’s kids who get beat everyday but its no fun being slaved around and shouted at for everything you do. I’m a good kid, I’m an A+ student, I don’t drink or do drugs, I’m not pregnant and I think society’s stupid, I’m a good kid so why does he treat me like this when my brother can go smash 2 of our cars and do drugs while failing out of school and not get yelled at?
My dad has a job.. And it’s not like we don’t have money.. I’ve been to Disney world and universal studios for the past 7 years… And I’m very grateful for everything they’ve done I just don’t think 1 trip means that they can yell at me for no reason

What is wrong with this girl?!?!?!?

She stayed at my place on Saturday night. I picked her up, helped her pack her bag. We were getting a snowstorm that night and the next day. I tended on her hand and foot. Cooked for her, got her snacks and beverages. Treated her like a queen. Shovelled my own driveway while she drove my car to pick up a gift bag. Gave her money for that. I rushed to get ready to go to her Aunts for a birthday dinner for her uncle. I didn’t want to go, but did. Afterwards, I went to her place and cleaned the snow out of her driveway. I spent the night. I went to her place again last night. I didn’t cuddle her right away, and she was in a bad mood. While we were talking I made fun of something she said that came out funny. I was just being playful, I was in a good mood. She immediately told me how hurtful I was in making fun of her. And that I was doing it in a mean way. She gave me the cold shoulder for the rest of the night. Slept on the edge of the bed. So, uncomfortable for the rest of the night. Always on pins and needles. Now this morning she texted me about how sorry she was. But then, an hour later she texts me asking about my upcoming ski trip, wanting to know what girls are going etc…. This crap is getting old. She is making me miserable.

This is a REAL post by a REAL person I found earlier today; what would you advise her to do?

Hello group! I’m a new member and I am so glad that I found a place where there are others who can empathize with me. Here’s a snapshot of what I’m going through:

My husband of almost 4 years now has been emotionally, verbally, and physically abusive to me for a little over 2 years now. This is a classic case of someone hidding behind a mask until the “I do’s” are said then they pull the mask off oneday and you no longer recognize the man you fell in love with.

My husband is a super religious person who takes the whole “submission” of the wife way too seriously. He’s tried to break up all my friendships and my relationship with my mother. He hates my mother because she’s a very outspoken woman who takes no stuff from anybody and my husband does not like any dominant female. I watched in horror oneday as my husband disrespectfully yelled at my mom just because she disagreed with him on a religious issue. I’ve also watched him yell, scream, and disrespect his own mother several times. I guess he forgot the 4th commandment which simply says “Honor thy father and thy mother.” All jokes aside, my husband has no respect for his mom or mine so you know there’s no respect for me.

The horns started to come out when I got pregnant on 2006. So far he’s threatened to divorce me several times because he knows that I love him dearly and it hurts me when he says that. He’ll yell and scream in my face when he doesn’t get his way and threaten to hurt me physically. We always get into heated arguements over how he disciplines our 2 year old daughter. He’s literally snatched our her out of my arms and forcefully kept her away from me just to show me “who’s the boss” of the house. I’ve been snatched off the bed by my legs, shoved into the wall twice, and shoved to the ground so hard that I had bruises. Oneday during an argument, I snapped and fought back leaving him with a scar.

I am seriously worn out and tired. I commute 2 hours to work each day plus work 40hrs a week only to come home to a husband who is one, very jealous and upset that I’m working and that he hasn’t found a job since he was laid off, and two, he can’t wait to dump the baby off on me so he can have his free time. I can’t get any rest what-so-ever. :(

Tell me I’m wrong for feeling this way but I no longer am interested in becoming intimate with him. I don’t want him to touch me, hold me, or anything else. I would rather sleep on the couch then in the bed with him. That “safe and secure” feeling that I had when we first got married has left the building along with Elvis. I’m also strategically putting aside some savings so that if I need to, I can leave and take my daughter with me. I was already told that I can move back home with my mom and that I have her full support along with a few close friends and my pastor.

In my husbands defense, his mom is bi-polar and I think some of those genes may have passed down to him. He also was abused by his dad and a bishop at his church. He’s carried that anger around since his childhood and never forgave anyone so that he could move on with his life. So me and our daughter are undeservingly *if that’s really a word*, paying for his past. How unfair!! He needs counseling but refuses to go.

It’s funny, as I’m typing this, my husband is apologizing yet again for an arguement we had earlier about cleaning up the kitchen. Yep, he’s smiling and telling me how much he appreciates me but I don’t believe him. Aww, he just said he loved me and I don’t believe that either, not anymore. Where I come from, you don’t mistreat the ones you truly love.

Thanks for letting me vent! :)