viagra brain hemorrhage So my friend told me she likes him, and he kinda admitted to me he likes her. but seriously i know he does. He’s basically crazy about her.

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buy cialis online canada Other times, like when she talks about him some things she says i can just tell it’s almost like putting her stamp on him, claiming him.

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cialis 200mg pills generic This is her second relationship and the first lasted like a month but she dumped me. She couldn’t think of anything else but him. She broke up with him. She didn’t have any problems with me and that guy ’cause i really didn’t like him, he was a jerk. She got a new guy whose nice and kind, i like him as a friend and she gets all possesive! I can’t stand it! its almost like she puts airs on, ‘like i have a boyfriend, he’s mine, not yours.’ And its really starting to effect me, it’s ruining our friendship.

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levitra 20mg vs. viagra 100mg Thanks for reading this. Any help or suggestions i’d be so grateful for.