Why is everything that i dislike good for me and vice versa?


In food:

Eating vegetables i hate———->but their good for you
Eating fruits instead of sweets like chocolate, sugar, ice cream, cake———–>bad for you
Eating meat that is not processed or raw instead of weaners, sausages, salami—–>bad for you

The same goes with clothes, life, and people.

Usually anything you like turns out bad for you and anything you dislike turns out to be good for you.

Working hard i hate but it pays off, fighting for your belief is difficult but it pays off, defending truth is diffcult and awkard but it rests your mind and puts you to sleep.

Why? Am i missing something here

i think my bf may be mentally ill. please help.?

i believe my boyfriend is struggling with some sort of mental illness. he suffers from constant bouts of uncontrollable rage. i believe he has a lack of self esteem and self confidence. he was recently diagnosed with a seizure disorder which explains his past ADD-like symptoms. when he was diagnosed he was put on pills which were supposed to make him better but i feel things are worse. he cannot handle any insult without crying or becoming severely aggressive and angry. especially when insulted with a comment about his intelligence( even when a person is joking) he is super sensitive and often talks to himself under his breath and doesn’t notice it. he is constantly blowing things out of proportion and when confronted he reacts in a defensive way.. i dont believe the pills are the cause of this. he was experiencing the rage and self loathing before diagnosed. i think he may also have depression possibly manic… please help!