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come acquistare viagra in farmacia about an hour after i got home my stomach started hurting, i figured i had eaten too much and it would pass. while talking to my girl friend on the phone i was having trouble listening to her because of how much my stomach hurt. I told her i had to call her back and went and asked my mom what to do about what i thought was in-digestion. she gave me an antacid and we sat down to watch tv.
after about twenty minutes i felt really sick, i turned to my mom and said ” i feel like i’m gonna throw up”, she signed and told me to go in the bathroom. one of the worst parts was sitting over the toilet waiting to barf, my stomach hurt so bad, i eventually threw up everything i ate at work, that hot gross taste of ravoli and stomach acid. to make things worse my brother was standing there on the phone with his friend chuckling and giving him details, the joke was on him when he began to gag from how bad it smelled.
after i got that crapy taste out of my mouth i felt so much better and figured i really did eat too much. After i had been asleep for about 2hrs i woke up suddenly and threw up in my mouth, i somehow made it to the bathroom and with the exception of the first heave had nothing in my stomach to throw up besides air and bile, it was really loud and it hurt a lot, my mom gave me some water which helped but i was still miserable.
I finally realized i was sick and decided to go downstairs and lay on the couch that is much closer to the bathroom. i slept for a while but woke up at about 2am with a really bad stomach ache, i stood over the toilet and when i didn’t barf i went back to the couch, after about 5seconds i ran back to the bathroom and barely made it into the toilet, with a death grip on the toilet bowl i coughed and heaved.
the next day i stil felt like crap and my mom was nice enough stay home from work to take care of me. since i hadn’t thrown up i a while i ate some toast and crackers, bad idea, my stomach really started hurting again and it was like a marathon walking back and forth to the bathroom without throwing up. my mom got me a bucket so i could stay on the couch, it was so nice of her to rub my back while i moaned and complained about how much my stomach hurt, i eventually began barfing into the bucket, it was the worst yet over 10 minutes with lots of time inbetween heaves to be miserable.
i don’t feel like writing anymore and don’t reall expect anyone to have read this much but i threw up 2 more times that day but am better now, seriously the worst 24hrs of my life