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sildenafil oral disintegrating tablet I remember the not well-endowed word made me uncomfortable cuz I always heard it used to joke about male genitalia. Then yesterday I saw him. I gained a lot of weight since last year. The doctor asked what it is that has been stressful to cause my weight gain. I mentioned my husband getting drunk recently and hurting himself so I have to take care of my husband because he is unable to walk right now. Then the doctor starts throwing the word DIVORCE around. so I said to him, “well I believe that you marry once and only once”. Immediately, my doctor put his head down and made a face like he was thinking probably …OMG she didn’t just say that. Then he throws around word divorce some more. Then at the end of my GYN pap smear appointment he says he recommends I see a counselor and says to me, “you know I really think you do not like yourself at all”.
Is my GYN bizarre and unprofessional or is this supposed to be normal?