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Should we ditch the NHS?

The NHS is a joke now, the Doctors and Nurses (who do an excellent job with what they have) are stretched beyond belief, deadly infections such as MRSA are becoming more problematic and common, the Government are cutting funding for the NHS as well, you cant get braces anymore in some cases, also the cancer survival rates in Britain are shocking compared to countries such as the USA(which gets criticized for its healthcare system) I think that Private healthcare would be better, sure you have to pay but we would get better treatment and shorter waiting times and better survival rates.
Well private hospitals outperform the NHS in cleanliness and all problems start from that.

Oh and tell Natasha Richardson that, had she been in the USA, she would still have been alive! And even Canada were she was has better heathcare than us.

and the NHS increases waiting times which increases unnessessary deaths, your not that smart for a nurse
The USA has more poor people than than Western Europe though. and the fact remains the NHS is a failing system so we have that in common with America, FACT!