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17 and need viagra Im scared if I talk with her about it my family and friends will give up on me and I’ll be alone.
My bestfriends mom is a nurse and I dont know if I should talk to her because of what she might tell my parents. All my friends know somethings wrong with me and call me crazy, bipolar, etc or take it as a joke (the one whose mom is a nurse doesnt, shes nice) . My family doesnt talk about it.
Im worried something will happen and i don’t know):
Im 14.

Is my paragraph about Mercutio good?

I’m writing this essay about why Mercutio is the most memorable person in Romeo and Juliet and I’m having a hard time. I need help if there’s any corrections to be done. I’m not really good at this and to see if you correct me will help me for future references. If there’s anything you’d like to add, please feel free. I really need this help ):

My introductory paragraph:
In every movie, novel, television show, there is always a character that stands out and turns out to be the most favourite or memorable character. Many people say Mercutio is the most memorable character in Shakespeare’s play, “Romeo and Juliet.” Mercutio is most memorable for his humor and crude jokes, his inventive imaginative mind and his link between comic and violent actions of the play.

Body paragraph #1:
Mercutio is most memorable for his humor and crude jokes. Mercutio is stating Tybalt is a cat and that he is going to take one of his nine lives. “Good King of cats, nothing but one of your nine lives” (Shakespeare,3.1.78). Humor does not go hand-in-hand with anger for most people, but the witty Mercutio never has a humorless moment. In this instance, Mercutio is threatening Tybalt as if he were a cat with nine lives, showing Mercutio his crucial humor side towards Tybalt. Another example of Mercutio bringing out his crude jokes is when the Nurse calls to Peter and asks for her fan. Mercutio then insults the Nurse by saying her fan is prettier than her face. “Good Peter, to hide her face; for her fan’s the fairer face” (2.4.109-110)

How to get 2 family members from ruining my life?

they drive me nuts…..i cant handle them…first of brother is a effin beep beep beep in the pie hole. my mom wont quit shoving words into my mouth and calling me you beepin biitachh. she has no respect for me and my decisions. she doesn’t care about how i feel. i mean she doesn’t take me seriously and thinks what i have to say is a total joke. she will avoid me when im trying to get advise. she yells/argues like a teenager. those 2 ppl are ruining my life. i try so hard to avoid it but they keep smashing in my face. i am very stressed and i became very ill…..i been having pain. luckily i have consulted a psychologist and going to book an appointment with my fam doctor and i am seeing a family support worker…school nurse.

i am living a very hectic life…and i hate it. if you were to enter my household for a day…you would die. it’s like having your own reality show accept there are no cameras in the house to air it… mom would argue and i have to be the one to stop the conflict every time…i feel like an effin grown up trying to straighten them brother is a lunatic because i have to do his chores…
brother is 13 me 14 15 in 2 more days mom is 42. noo dad…of course this life is a disater..we dont get along….ugh..
they are pushing my buttons…oh man i feel like taking something and omfg..i am mad
i am not being brother is an abusive little punk…..this is very true….u just never lived this life..if u have then u can relate…geeeeeeeeeeeeee……………damnit.
i am 14 years old. i will be 15 in 2 more days.

How do i dump my girlfriend?

Me and my girlfriend have been together for 1.5months officially at this point, seen her for months at the gym and she eventually asked me out suprisingly. im 24 and ive had some girlfriends in the past, her on the other hand, is 23 and never had a boyfriend, i was even her first kiss. when we started goin out i knew she was shy, but the more i started to find out the more i realised she isnt really the girl for me. Its not that shes not nice, its more that we dont really have anything in common, im kinda weird and eccentric, and i like to joke around alot. Her on the other hand, is extremely career driven that almost the only thing i ever hear her talk about is her nursing and her horse, both of which i know nothing about.

I feel like she just isnt the girl im looking for, im looking more for a little weird and outgoing. Now i wanna let her go but i feel bad considering im the first guy shes ever dated, and at the same time i dont wanna wait too long either, i just wanna let her go with least heartbreak.

Any help would be appreciated