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kohlpharma cialis Jenna, Terri, Jackie, and Pat were all sat round the kitchen table of Jenna’s catching up on Jackie’s holiday she had just been on with her husband, Kevin. “To Turkey it was, gorgeous hotel, amazing staff, fantastic beach, and just the same in the bedrooms” she said laughing while the conversation heated up. “Not in that way!” she said. All of the ladies laughed. They were all rabbiting on about husbands and men, but Jenna was the odd one out. No man to talk about apart from money issues and mortgages, jobs and the odd affair that he kept on having with Mimi who is long gone from Harper Lane. “Oh stop getting so worried with money, Jen, enjoy it while it lasts before you get too old like me!” Pat said, who is on the verge of retirement. “The florists isn’t the best place to own, I’ve had it 25 years and it’s getting boring.” “Well sell it and spend it on some plastic surgery, you need it!” Terri said jokingly. “Ey, I wonder how Erica is getting on with her sister in Jersey. She makes out it’s a lovely place, and she always meets one man down there.” Jackie said. “I wonder who she’ll go on about this time.” This was typical of Harper Lane’s lady’s lunch. Their laughs echoed in the high ceilings of Jenna’s house. “Have you got a job yet?” Jackie asked to Jenna. She previously worked with Peter, but since their divorce, obviously, she hasn’t gone back. “No, No, I haven’t. He hasn’t sold the house, I’m still here, and I will always be here. It’s you all you girls that make me want to stay! But sometimes I wish I started a new slate, where I forgot about the bastard, and moved on.” Jenna said wishing she would forget about the past. “Look to the future! You’ve got a lot to give.” Pat said. “What does she have a lot to give?” Terri asked to Pat. “The bedroom, y’know.” Pat said laughing. “Oh, I’m joking!” They all laughed. “Erica asked me to pick her up from the airport tomorrow, 6 o’clock in the morning down to Heathrow. She could of got a flight to Birmingham so it’s closer to home, so then I can stay in bed longer!” Terri said. “With Patrick is that?” Pat laughed in hysterics. “Anyway better be off, I’ve got the florists to get back to.” Pat said as she left the table. Jackie stood up too, “I’m off aswell, thanks ladies for an excellent lunch.” Jenna and Terri went to the door to wave them off. “Right, so, fancy hitting the high street?” Terri said, “You need cheering up!”

Great joke, please star if you get a giggle?

A woman say’s to her husband that she wants to have plastic surgery to enlarge her breasts.

Her husband tells her,.. “Hey, you don’t need surgery to do that. I know how to do it without surgery.”

His wife asks ” How can I do it without surgery?”

“Just rub toilet paper between them” replied her husband

Startled, the woman asks “Will that work and make them bigger?”

“Oh yes, look what it has done to your a*se” came the reply.