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dapoxetine and viagra together Related photos / videos Enlarge photo So concludes the first-ever study, published Thursday, of the fin-de-siecle dance style in which afficionados of heavy metal jerk their heads up and down to a fast and furious beat.

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For Butt-head, though, the prospects are not so great.

He headbangs with a range of motion of about 75 degrees, with the risk of “level one” head injuries — headaches and dizziness.


  1. petemullady says

    I have personally been headbanging for the last 12 or so years to some pretty extreme stuff. The only injuries I have sustained have been through collisions with other headbangers. Although most of that has been when their head hits my nose and vice-versa. Nothing can beat the feeling of being in the pit.


  2. Anthon Moonstone says

    Yes, and too much w*nking gives you wrist damage. But are w*nkers going to stop? NO and neither will ‘bangers!