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sildenafil blueberry 100mg uk 3 Years ago I damaged my L5 vertebrae during a training session at a local boxing gym. This caused me to withdraw from all sport. I approached my GP and told him about my lower back pain and he refered me to a physiotherapist for evalution. The physio tried spinal manipulation and core strengthening techniques to help me reduce the pain into my spine. I was put through 2-3 courses of physio therapy and nothing ever helped me.

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Before anyone says I cannot swim and I do not have the funds to swim every other day to be able to try and lose the weight, this limits me even more to how much I can truly do.

My point is here, that no matter how many times I visited A+E saying about my back pain and the pain moving into my bowl they were dismissive about me having a major back injury and sent me home every time with paracetmol and ibuprofen (Which does not help with major back pain). I have been waiting for a date for over a year now which should have only taken 6 months to come through the door. I’m starting to feel that this is a bit of a joke and been so young I should have been a prime candidate for such an operation. Don’t get me wrong Iv’e heard of people waiting for procedures but when it a spinal injury and its causing me to put weight on at such a rapid speed with no efficitent and healthy way of losing it, it’s getting to the point where I just can’t see myself been able to get myself back into the sporting lifestyle I had.

The [1] is for this is the line they used not jsut once but several times to assure I had no spinal injury and I was only have muscle spasms.

Please post your comments on what I should do and if a claim for compensation can be made or aw way to speed up the process, I don’t just want the money I need it to make my lifestyle a bit better.


Confused: How long can you live with a stress fracture? ?

If anyone out there has any advice please share!! Any sports/fitness workers or physios??

About 3 months ago, I pulled a muscle whilst in an aerobics class (we were pulsing/kicking out our legs, bent at the knee and diagonally backwards…) I cramped up the opposite leg whilst trying to get the moving leg doing the right thing- result? the cramp pain left me with pain in my lower legs. For over 3 months now.

I left them for 2 months before resorting to see the GP, by then they had gotten a little worse. I found it hard to walk. The GP did an x-ray and told me it is not shin splints. They have gotten slightly better since as I stopped high impact excercise for a week, but still manage to put me back to square one every time I try to run/jump/skip/anything with impact.

She (my GP) has suggested I go to get a bone scan to see if its not a fracture, -but come on, 3 months and I am now exercising some high impact, surely if it was a fracture for that degree of time my leg would have fallen off by now!! Or at the very least have progressively gotten worse, not gotten worse for 2 months, then died down a bit for a month (following resting it).

I get the feeling my GP thinks I am complaining about nothing- this really hurts, I tried to massage it at one point and it turned into a bruse!! Its not as sore to touch now, (just to add, it was never ever swollen) but it is far from better.

I called NHSDirectt who told me it could be deep vein thrombosis (not for 3 months its not!! even I know that!!) and also didn’t have a clue what shin splints were…. Yes, I did speak to a doctor.

Has anyone got any ideas on what it could be? I will be seeing my GP asap but this is beyond a joke, 3 months of pain and no one knows what it is?!
Bone scan is in the post as my GP asked for it friday when they discovered it was not shin splints.

Medical advice is zero. No one has suggested anything, wouldn’t mind some advice but they wont give any until they have a diagnosis and they don’t know what it is as its showing up as nothing!